Make bold bets that leverage emerging technologies

Our Change Leaders Initiative

We built this members-only offering for Change Leaders who want to make bold and strategic bets on emerging technologies to transform their organizations, industries, and maybe someday - even humanity. They have a scale of ambition that serves a broader purpose in the world, they are in positions of influence where they can rally resources around their vision, and they take a long-term view for seeking change.

Who is a Change Leader?

Circle of influence

Change Leaders are in positions of influence as executives in enterprise, government, and academia. They can rally resources to create the change they wish to see.

Scale of ambition

Change Leaders want to set-up a company/industry on a new trajectory or tackle a complex social/environmental challenge.

Horizons of change

These are leaders who understand that change takes time. They are willing to invest 2-3 years in exploring and embracing technology strategies.

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Membership benefits

If you are a Change Leader, we would love to work with you to help you achieve three outcomes.

Build a differentiated point of view

A clear and compelling strategy using which your organizations/teams can leverage GenAI to unlock growth, optimize costs, and do more than you thought possible.

Establish the authority to act

A proof-of-concept/ prototype that you can put in front of your board, executive leadership, investors, early customers and others to gather the resources you need to build out the strategy.

Find the right partners for scale

Curated connections to startups, GenAI technology platforms and others who can help you on your journey to adopt emerging technologies.

Express interest in our pilot

Our inaugural cohort of Change Leader membership is free for a trial period of 6 months. We only have 10 seats to offer. Sign up here to express your interest and we will contact you to evaluate if our offering is right for you.

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