Think Tank, a Lab45 initiative, studies the impact of emerging and exploratory technologies (GenAI, Space Tech, Spatial and Quantum Computing, IoT etc.) on business, people, and the planet. Based on these studies, Think Tank works with Change Leaders across the globe on how to leverage these emerging technologies to disrupt their markets, create new products, establish new business models, and bring value to the world.

Who are we?

Think tank is based in the innovation hubs of the world, Silicon Valley and Bangalore. We are a small but dynamic team of futurists, innovators, business researchers, technologists, and investors on emerging technologies. Our teams exist to make the life of Change Leaders easier. We love Change Leaders, we celebrate and tirelessly support them because we believe Change Leaders are the seed of humanity’s growth.

Aboutus Who Are We

Our vision

We see ourselves as catalysts empowering Change Leaders to leverage emerging technologies for shaping a world that works for all of humanity.

Our values

We are bold, future focused, inclusive, and sustainable.

Our aspirations

To accelerate and scale the impact of Change Leaders through unparalleled insights and innovative solutions centred around AI, Humans 2.0, Planet 2.0, and emerging technologies.

Our focus

Think Tank Leadership

The future is not something that happens to us; it’s something that we create. That’s why we need Change Leaders: visionary, forward-looking, and optimistic leaders who are building a better future for all of humanity. We built Lab45 Think Tank to help such Change Leaders in business, academia, and government magnify their impact.

What we do?

We support Change Leaders across diverse industries and roles in predicting future trends, establishing a solid evidence base for success, and galvanizing crucial allies and organizations to advance their cause. We are a trusted partner to our members, offering three key benefits that help them amplify their work

Aboutus What We Do

Original insights

We produce special reports, podcasts, and executive briefings that help Change Leaders stay on top of trends, build their own differentiated points-of-view, and strengthen their authority to act​ within their organizations and industries.

Innovation sandboxes

We run innovation sprints and curate sandbox environments to help Change Leaders generate disruptive ideas, prototype new products and services, and demonstrate their promise to rally the right resources and partners to their cause.

Technology partnerships

We connect Change Leaders with vetted, enterprise-ready startups and technology providers that can help them realize their vision in fast and efficient ways. Through our flagship startup accelerator, we back some of the world’s most cutting edge deep-tech startups every year.

Meet Change Leaders who inspire us

Hear From Our CTO

Think Tank Team

What makes us different? When we formulate insights and strategies for you, we start by disagreeing about what the truth is. Then, we blend approaches like futurism, rapid prototyping, and design fiction with vigorous, Socratic-style debates that distil down to the original ideas we produce.

We are a team of deep technology researchers, futurists, venture builders, behavioral scientists, and experience curators. We are erstwhile founders, ironman competitors, science fiction writers, and non-profit volunteers.

Co-create for collective wisdom

This is your invitation to become an integral part of our Think Tank community. Co-create with us to bring diverse perspectives and enrich our pool of collective wisdom. Your insights could be the spark that ignites transformative conversations.

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